Creation of an ICF-based Documentation Form

Selection Process - Step 1

Please select one (or more) ICF Core Set(s)

To select more than one ICF Core Set mark the ICF Core Sets by holding the CTRL-button pressed.
* Only to be used (selected categories) as an add-on to the Default Set; no need to select separately.
Recommendation: If appropriate for the individual assessment, select 'Generic Set' in addition to any ICF Core Set(s) you select.
Specific categories of the ICF Generic Set (b130 Energy and drive functions, b152 Emotional functions, b280 Sensation of pain, d230 Carrying out daily routine, d450 Walking, d455 Moving around, d850 Remunerative employment) can be added on the next page.
The categories of the ICF Generic Set will be indicated by the letter (G).